Hello Avenue 26!

Fashion is not rocket science…at least in my opinion. Dress the style you are the most comfortable with, the style that can represent YOU, define YOU, make your life a little bit more colorful, fun, and cheery – this is fashion to me.

My “fashion” doesn’t have to be brand names and trendy styles… my fashion is me, is what I love, is what I see in this world, is what reflects my heart.

Located in beautiful Vancouver city, I am blessed and inspired to witness people from various background and cultures, showcase their statement of fashion in unique different ways.

I love fashion, food, traveling, people, culture, and my lovely lovely family, boyfriend and friends ♥

This is my 1st ever fashion blog. Have fun “blog shopping” on Avenue 26!

6 thoughts on “Hello Avenue 26!

  1. hey bu! So proud you finally got this going!! You’ve been talking about it for so long!! Looks great! Now we get to creep on random ppl in the street and take pictures of them!! haha

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