Summer Dresses – I LURVE

Summer dresses are fun and easy… you don’t need to worry about mix and match, and can go for different styles – elegant, chill, cute, sexy, playful… I just love summer dresses coz they are not just for summer, they are pretty much “all season” clothing in my wardrobe.  Pair with tights/legging and a cardigan, they are office/school appropriate and become a non-summer outfit.

Prints are very hot for summer dresses. You can find so many dresses in prints from almost every brand and store. Urban Outfitters, Hollister, H&M, Forever21, ONLY are my favorite destinations for summer dresses. Also you will find surprises in boutique stores.

These dresses totally caught my eye… I actually tried on a few of them. If you can’t justify the price tag on some nice but “unreasonable” summer dresses, try let it go and you’d be surprised that it’s not hard to find almost “can’t tell a difference” version in some cheaper brand stores.

Love Dresses with A Unique Backview
If you like more unique and stand out styles

MMMMM…..Can’t wait for summer to come!!

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